About Us

Success never means planning for big steps in the future. In fact, it starts from taking small steps just now to accomplish long cherished dreams. Centuries ago, the Chinese scholar rightly summed it up as: “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.”

The story of Agson Global also narrates the same philosophy. Almost one and a half decade back, the business that was started as a small venture, has now expanded manifold highlighting the promoter’s aspiration and commitment to excel, come what may.

To match the customer’s hopes, dreams and aspirations, we have consistently raised our performance bar, which helped us to remain the customers’ delight. To set new benchmarks, we have always competed against our own standards.

We kicked off our business operations with the import of top quality almonds, other dry fruits and spices from various countries. Simultaneously, we started purchasing these products from the domestic market as well. But over a period of 18 years, we narrowed down our trading focus and consequently got engaged in higher value and higher growth oriented products like almond and Pistachios only. Currently we are one of the largest importer of almonds in India.

After capturing a mammoth share in the Indian Almonds Industry, we ventured into the manufacturing business of menthol crystals and its various allied products. Our menthol plant has started operating since April 2013. To spread our wings globally, we acquired all major international certifications that are necessary to sell menthol products in various countries such as: ISO 22000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), KLBD, FDA, FSSAI. Our annual production capacity has reached to 10000 MT of Menthol and its other derivatives.

We then ventured into ‘Logistics Business’ in December 2014. This was aimed at diversifying the ongoing business model. To supplement the expansion of e-retailers and FMCG industry, we developed a state of the art Logistic Park on a land ad measuring 23.49 acres. The park is situated on the GT Road, on the right side of NH10, which is just 2 km ahead of Bahalgarh and Sonepat crossing. Our endeavor to lease out our logistics facilities to leading e-retailers and FMCG brands has kicked off well as we have roped in a top brand like Amazon for establishment of their north India’s fulfilment centre. The company is also developing cold storage facilities, which will supplement well to sustain our logistics business.

Enhancing Our Nutritional Balance

To Increase the nutritional Values Of a Society, we ventured into the business of nuts and dry fruits about 18 years ago.

With concerted efforts on bringing the best in quality almonds and pistachios from across the world, India has become the second largest almond consumer in the world. In doing so, we also have become the largest importer of almonds commanding a staggering 20% share in the Indian almonds industry.

Having shaped the industry with a deep imprint in a short time, in 2012, we shifted focus on improving our own nutritional balance by adding diversity to our business domains and also their intrinsic nature. The three years from 2012 to 2015 saw the commissioning of three new businesses – from the drawing board to successful commercial commissioning. Menthol business which was the first one to go commercial in previous fiscal 2014 did return a good performance in its second year of operations in the year under review. The Second of our ensuing expansion program was the integrated logistics park at Kundli, Distt. Sonepat, which also opened doors to commercial leasing in December 2014.

In other words, the nutritional value of our business that hinged on a robust import and trading business in almonds has gotten balanced with manufacturing and export oriented businesses of Menthol on the one hand and annuity lease rental business of integrated logistics park on the other. As we move along, we are contemplating to add another nutritional element of the green Solar Power for captive consumption.

Having achieved sustained revenue growth over the recent past, our immediate future remains focused on balancing our business mix across a broader base. In other words, we are staying focused on enhancing our nutritional balance.


Incorporated in 1997, initially as Shree GopalImpex Pvt. Ltd., Agson Global Priva te Limited (AGPL) is promoted by Apresh Garg, its current Chairman & Managing Director.

The Company started business operations with trading of dry fruits namely almonds, pistachios, walnuts, gum, dry gingers, cloves, spices, raisins and black pepper among others. The Company was renamed as Agson Global Pvt. Ltd. in 2008 in line with its objective to be a global player.

Over the years, the Company narrowed its trading focus on highvalue higher-growth products. Company's current focus remains import and trade of almonds and pistachios in India and export of almond kernel to select countries. Having attained scale leadership in the core business, the Company has diversified into manufacturing of menthol products, creating infrastructure i.e. warehousing and logistics.

almond business

Every success story starts with a big dream, a vision to fulfill the aspirations and needs of the common man and to create a brand that can become a household name.

menthol products

Focused plan, deliverable strategies, critical analysis and corrective counter measures to spur growth.

warehouse & logistics

In order to diversify our business further and simplify operations, Agson Global’s Logistc Park was a welcome change for Agson Global.