Almond Business

Agson Global Pvt. Ltd. (AGPL), a domestically grown multinational was originated and inaugurated in the year 1997 under the aegis of Mr Apresh Garg.

Every success story starts with a big dream, a vision to fulfill the aspirations and needs of the common man and to create a brand that can become a household name. The story of Agson Global is itself a wonderful narrative that mesmerizes all and sundry.

Now, known as a well reputed global diversified company, its fascinating journey began in the year 1997. Gradually we cemented our position and in this endeavor Mr Apresh Garg, the promoter, with over two decades of business experience, guided us to earn a place not only in the globally competitive market but in the hearts of millions of consumers, clients and various associates as well.

We kicked off our business operations with the import of top quality Almonds, other dry fruits and spices from various countries. Simultaneously, we started purchasing these products from the domestic market as well. Initially, apart from exporting a small portion of our products, our major clients were domestic consumers.

High Value Products

But over a period of 18 years, we narrowed down our trading focus and consequently got engaged in high value and higher growth oriented products like Almond and Pistachios only.

Major Achievement

Since inception, we have been focusing on importing the best quality Almonds and Pistachios from across the world. Currently we are one of the the largest importer of almonds India and also holds a commanding position in the domestic market.


Our quality policies have always upheld our commitment to quality and food safety as an integral part of our overall vision. By consistently adhering to the strict food safety standards, we proudly exhibit a work culture, which is targeted towards getting the ultimate satisfaction for all concerned.

Almond division of the Company Enhances company's core legacy business of import and trade of highva lue commodities such as Almonds, Pistachios, Gum, Cloves etc. in the domestic market.

Almond forms a predominant share of division's business which is imported in both forms, Inshell and Kernels, primarily from USA and sells in the domestic market. Having developed deep relationship with its suppliers and customers over more than a decade old history, the division has garnered a leadership 20% share of the almond market in India. The plans are afoot to further enhance the market share to 25% over the coming three years. To further its growth beyond Indian markets, the division has expanded its market footprints into Russia and the Middle East.

Apart from imports, the division also sources some of its traded commodities and volumes locally from India. In line with the exponential growth of almond consumption in India and division's own market share growth targets, the Company has steadily been strengthening its organizational capabilities by adopting and stabilizing structured operational processes and backing it with a strengthening pool of qualified professionals.