Global Network

Agson Global has been enjoying a remarkable global presence all across the globe. We have an extensive network setup in North America, Canada, Europe, Germany, Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, Russia, and Afghanistan.

We have all major international certifications that are required to sell menthol products in various countries such as: ISO 22000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), KLBD, FDA, FSSAI. Our annual production capacity for Menthol and its derivatives has reached to 1000 MT.

almond business

Every success story starts with a big dream, a vision to fulfill the aspirations and needs of the common man and to create a brand that can become a household name.

menthol products

Focused plan, deliverable strategies, critical analysis and corrective counter measures to spur growth.

warehouse & logistics

In order to diversify our business further and simplify operations, Agson Global’s Logistc Park was a welcome change for Agson Global.