Menthol Business

Agson Global Pvt. Ltd. (AGPL), a domestically grown multinational was originated and inaugurated in the year 1997 under the aegis of Mr Apresh Garg.

Focused plan, deliverable strategies, critical analysis and corrective counter measures to spur growth, these are the fundamental principles followed religiously across the globe to succeed in any business domain. To lead the razor sharp competitive edge, a company must have state of the art technologies with consistent focus on research and development work.

Our menthol plant started operating since April 2013 and in almost little over two years’ time our products have achieved industry benchmarks. To spread our wings globally, we acquired all major international certifications that are necessary to sell menthol products in different countries.

Noticeable Achievement

Being a natural source of Menthol products, our carefully crafted menthol crystal is a 100% natural product, which delivers cooling, refreshing, and has a pleasantly strong minty aroma.

A well-connected high-tech plant

To achieve sustainable revenue growth, we have set up a high-tech sprawling plant at 304, HSIDC Kundli, Sonepat that is just 30 kms from New Delhi Airport.

We are all set to expand our business over a broader base that will start showing its impact in the near future only.

Product List

  • Natural Menthol Crystal (IP/BP/USP/EP/JP)
  • Peppermint Oil (Different specification)
  • Dementholised Oil (DMO)
  • L-Menthol
  • Menthol Melted
  • Cis-3-Hexenol (Min 99%)
  • Menthone (90:10)
  • Menthone (80:20)
  • Menthone (70:30)
  • Menthyl Acetate
  • L-Limonene
  • Piperitone
  • Menthol Powder
  • 3-Octanol
  • Mint Terpene
  • Natural Mentha Oil
  • Natural Mentha Piperita Oil
  • Piperita Terpene
  • Spearmint Oil
  • Spearmint Terpene
  • Alpha Pinene
  • Fraction of Terpenes

Certifications List

  • GMP
  • FSSC
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Drug Licence

The Company diversified into menthol products in 2013 with setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with 10,000 Mt capacity at Kundli, distt. Sonepat, a NCR town in the outskirts of Delhi in Haryana.

With an installed capacity of 10,000 metric ton per annum, this second largest Menthol plant of India manufactures Menthol Crystal, Flakes and other Menthol derivatives. The division has leveraged plant’s technical capabilities to produce high quality products and obtained all required global certifications such as ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP, KLBD, FDA, FSSAI and Drug License.

The division aims to leverage country’s strength as the largest producer of the Mint leaves, the core raw material for menthol production and benefit from selling the value-added product globally. Nearly 80-85% of mint crop is located in India.

The division sells its products in the domestic as well as Overseas markets to the user industries of pharmaceuticals, condiments and liquor and product segments of mouthwash, shaving cream, tooth paste, chewing gum, jellies, cigarette, chest rub, alcoholic beverage among others.

Mint leav es are integral part of Indian culinary delicacies. Known for their aroma, cool burst of flav or and medicinal properties, commercial cultiva tion of mint has steadily risen in recent years.

India account for a dominant 80-85% of mint crop globally. With a dominant 80-85% share, Uttar Pradesh is the largest producing state while area under mint cultivation is steadily rising in other major states of Bihar, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

As the core raw material for menthol industry, growing mint cultivation has been influential in the expanding Indian menthol industry. Not surprising, India is the largest producer and also the exporter of menthol. Sold in two variants, flakes and crystals and other derivatives, it finds a very wide base of user industries including pharmaceuticals, condiments, tobacco and liquor. India accounts for about 80-85% of global menthol production. Major export destinations for menthol products are China, United States, Japan and Europe.

With installed capacity of 10,000 metric ton per annum at our maiden plant, the Company successfully forayed into menthol business two years ago. Located in national capital region of Delhi in HSIDC,Kundli at Sonepat, the state-of-theart unit produces menthol and its derivatives for the Indian and export markets. Spread across 6,000, the plant is well equipped with modern machinery, technology and test laboratories. These include High Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) air filters, distillation column drawings with structured packing from SULZER, German make BITZER Compressors, SS 304 in Crystallization Chambers, AHU (Air Handling Units) technology, energy efficient Electric Panels, plant illumination through LED lights, Thermic fluid based Green Boilers.

Deploying a workforce of 100 people, the unit benefits a significantly large community of about 40,000 farmers and self-employed entrepreneurs indirectly.